Wraps Per Inch: This is a very effective, accurate way to determine whether or not one yarn is a suitable substitution for another. It is actually more accurate than just matching stitch gauges. That said, it is still advisable to work a gauge swatch before beginning the project. To determine the wraps per inch, simply wrap a strand of the yarn around a ruler for 2", making sure that you don't wrap tightly. Count the number of wraps and divide by 2. This is your wraps per inch, or WPI. If you are using a bulkier or irregular yarn or one with eyelash, wrap 3-4 inches and divide by 3 or 4.

When making a gauge swatch, tie a number of knots in your remaining cast on or bind off strand to correspond to the size needle you used to create your swatch. If you began with one size needle and finished with another, use the cast on strand for the first size and the bind off strand for the second size. For multiple needle sizes in one swatch, separate each different section with a few rows of garter stitch, and in the center of the second row after the garter stitch rows, work reverse Stockinette stitches to correspond to the needle size (i.e., 5 sts for a size 5 needle). That way, you'll never need to reswatch to figure out what needles you used.

If you are knitting with a yarn that tends to twist, work the RS American style (i.e., "throwing" the yarn) and work the WS Continental style (i.e., "picking" the yarn).

If you tend to cast on or bind off too tightly, try casting on or binding off with a needle that is one or two sizes larger than the one you used to knit with.

If you are going to take time off from a knitting project, slip the stitches onto a circular needle or a piece of contrasting yarn so that your stitches don't stretch from being on straight needles.

Please feel free to email us your own tips, and you may see them posted here!


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